Compounding allows physicians and pharmacists to meet the special needs of patients. It offers options to those patients who may have difficulty taking or responding to commercially available medications. Some people are allergic or sensitive to preservatives and dyes, or are non-compliant to standard drug therapy. Others may have a hard time swallowing a pill, or react adversely to a medicine's taste. Compounding allows physicians to customize therapy for each patient. At The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy, compounding pharmacists will work closely with you and your physician to prepare medication in a dosage form that meets your needs.

Therapies we offer:

Dental- We can even customize medication for your child’s dental needs, including flavored and medicated toothpaste.

  • Dermatology- We can treat such conditions as acne, psoriasis, and fungal infections
  • Veterinary- Our pets have specific dosing requirements and taste preferences. We offer treats, flavored capsules, flavored liquids, and transdermal creams. Pets can enjoy such flavors as beef, chicken, and fish.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy- We offer hormones identical to those produced in the human body, which are beneficial in helping to mend hormonal imbalances.
  • Sports Medicine
  • Family Practice

Dosage forms:

  • capsules
  • tablets, creams
  • gels
  • animal treats
  • troches
  • drops
  • foams
  • injections
  • lollipops
  • eye drops
  • suspensions
  • powders
  • suppositories
  • and more!